Drum Machine: Rolling…

Drum Machine: Rolling…

The idea was not to create jazz per se, but to use components in jazz drums as parts of computer music.

What if a brush drum sound is layered on top of each other 10~ times, or played through granular synthesis?

The controller is: KORG NANOKONTROL 2
Which has 8 knobs, 8 sliders and 3 buttons for each knob. The slider controlled the volume, the 3 buttons for each ‘track’ controlled the tempo. The knob controlled the ‘random chance to reset the SndBuf back to position 0’, so when turned all the way up, produced a sound somewhat reminiscent of granular synthesis.

When the track is of a single play SndBuf (Saxophone) or just a UGen rather than a drum beat, the knob controls how much of a drone sound gets mixed into it. For the saxophone track, I am using Ivan Renta’s sax solo. The brush drum sounds were pulled off from the following jazz brush drums technique tutorial; The double bass sound is taken from freeSound.org.

For example, I was very interested in using brush drums, which produce a longer, consistent sound than most other drums. I wondered if Compositing jazz elements as computer music would make it sound like jazz or rather something completely different.

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